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Hello and Welcome!    I'm Ron, the Roaming Kiwi.

I am a fully insured mobile photographer who will travel to take the photographs you want.  I am based in Conyers, GA but will travel almost anywhere.  Your pictures can be made outdoors or indoors in your own familiar surroundings, or on location somewhere.  You can have your pictures in digital format, traditional prints, or one of the other physical products I offer.  I endeavor to compose, filter, and adjust in-camera and not rely on software to produce the final image so digital post processing is kept to a minimum. I can also transfer your film negatives and slides to digital.  I work mainly on weekends and holidays. 


If you would like to ask about my services or you want a copy, digital or physical, of anything on the site, you may contact me by using the email address or phone number below, or from the Contact page.

About This Site

The photographs on this site are a mixture of scanned transparencies (slides), negatives, and prints, as well digital, taken since the 1970s. There are several themed pages and a page of albums, including an album of my daughter Kim's photos.  New albums are added as we go roaming on weekends and Kim's album will gain new galleries as well.  They are a mixture of many formats, Agfa™ Rapid®, 126, 35mm, medium format 6x6, digital APS-C, and digital full frame.  

IA Brief History

I received my first camera, a simple twin lens reflex, in the 1960s when I was about 7 or 8.  Ever since then I have been an avid photographer using up lots of rolls of film, and now many Gigabytes as well as still shooting with film.   I remember taking photos at my boarding school and selling copies to the staff and other students.  Before coming to the USA I also had a darkroom to do my own processing and printing. In the latter years of film I preferred to shoot with slide film which had the added advantage of being projectable as well as making prints of the images. I still shoot in multiple formats with film as well as digital.

"Let me capture the memories while you enjoy the moment"

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