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The Roaming Kiwi Photographer's Website Sitemap

Home - Home page of The Roaming Kiwi photographer's website

Services - Just some of the services offered by The Roaming Kiwi

It Takes all Kinds - Whether I'm being an organized event photographer or just out roaming mobile the actions of people are not always predictable but often fascinating.

Wild and Not So Wild - There's an old saying "Never work with children or animals" but as a photographer I often have to work with both.  These are images of wild, and captive or domesticated animals.

Close Encounters - It can be amazing what you see if you look closely.  When a photographer wants to get a closer look at a subject a macro lens is very useful.

A Wider View - Everywhere you look you can see something new or familiar in the landscape.  As a mobile photographer I love to capture the new and find new ways to depict the familiar.

Ever Changing Sky - The sky can be an important element in a photographer's images or a subject in its own right.

Let There Be Light - The word photography means "drawing with light" so without light a photographer wouldn't have a lot to do.

All About Color - The effective use of color is one of the many techniques used by a photographer to create eye-catching images.

Let's Reflect A While - Any reflective surface can have possibilities for a photographer.

If They Build It - Be it in nature or man-made the varied structures provide a photographer with many possibilities. 

Albums - These are are albums that everyone may view.

Contact - Contact The Roaming Kiwi

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